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The All Valley Professional Photographers (AVPP) affiliate is a non-profit trade organization 

dedicated to creating an environment of education, networking and creativity for 

photographers of all levels. 

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                                       Our President's Message Photo by Philip KhouryPhoto by Philip KhouryPhoto by Philip Khoury

As president of AVPP, it is my privilege to invite you to join us.

Here is a summary of our monthly AVPP programs featured throughout the calendar year:

•Seven dynamic guest speakers covering various educational topics in photography.

•Four Digital Photo Competitions (DPC) with a select panel of 3 highly acclaimed professional 

     photographers (and instructors), recognized in the photography industry. 

•Various Workshops providing continuing education throughout the year. (Some workshops may

     involve an additional fee) 

•Out-and-About-town photo shoots, including our annual Getty Museum outing

•An annual West Coast School scholarship of $500 awarded to a qualifying AVPP and PPC member.

While Non-Members are always welcomed to our meetings workshops and events, an AVPP membership entitles you to discounts to the above programs

 Click here to see our 2017 photographer of the year gallery!

Sampling from our recent Digital Photo Competition


First Place:

Wings of Loveby

by Michelle Delavara


Second Place:

"Biker with Bling"

by Jerry Stevenson


Third Place:


by Jerry Stevenson


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March 10th, 2018

Photoshop Workshop

Michael Collins


March 14th, 2018

DPC Image Competition

Judges TBA





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