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Current Agenda

July 5th AVPP Agenda

Old Business


1) DPC preparation for July 12th. Have to touch base with our judges:

Elizabeth Troller (949) 526 3308

Dan Holmes (805) 701 5559

Duane Murphy (714) 863-2126


2) Monthly meeting Dinners 

Emailed Miki today. She won’t be present next week because of a family emergency.  She mentioned an option that we can get the room without dinners for $200. I asked for an option with just the sandwiches and chips (which she offered before as well).  Waiting to hear a price on the sandwich and chips platter. 


3) I scouted the SuihoEn Japanese Gardens for us and have some Photos to show the group. I want to use it in the newsletter to push the Safari. Playing around with the dates of Sunday of July 16th or the 30th (Robin and I have the PPC quarterly meeting the weekend of July 22/23rd)


4) Consolidation of Paypal accounts should be completed AFTER July 12th meeting.  Arthur is transferring links to new Paypal account so that all July 12th DPC transactions should be into the new Paypal account,.  We are keeping the old one open until after july 12th to make sure there are no errors in the transactions in the change over.


5) Ingrid and Ellen are completing the transition of getting Arthur on AVPP account.  Some unanticipated extra steps were needed.  The resultant should be that Arthur will be able to sign checks, with the addition that Ingrid requested to be removed from the account.  Ellen will remain on account but was necessary that her positions president be changed to parliamentarian/board member. 


6) Followup to see if we have the Getty booked as a Safari.


7) Reminder that AVPP now has a board page at


New Business


1) DPC Newsletter is going out Thurs mid day to allow time for Board decisions: Topics will be:

a) DPC

b) Japanese Garden Safari in July (they are only open on Sundays)

c) June meeting wrap up. (since we have photos from Robin’s Photoshoot)


2) July 12th meeting might be to tight to follow up on Robin’s headshots of Board.  Missing is Walter, Ana, Ellen, Kathryn Watson, Kathy Hanson.  Robin has been kind to agree to bring the backdrop as a regular item.  I can bring my canon Speedlights (600’s) and a umbrella to mimic our past lighting.  We would need two people to be nightstands to hold the speed lights. However I anticipate the evening to be pretty booked up with the DPC


3) Arthur will spend the next couple of days scouting the following locations for Safaris:

a) Santa Monica Beach Safari

b) Leica Gallery Los Angeles "Jazz Festival", Rock and Roll photographer Jim Marshals collection of 1960's jazz Clubs photography.

The purpose is to get pictures of the event location for the newsletter and to inquire what we need to do group bookings, 


4) now that we have potential bookings, ( lets get some dates locked in.


5) Arthur is awaiting Followup email from Raymond Koehler as potential web master to re-design our site


6) Arthur is awaiting followup emails from Dan Homles, Dave Dopel and John ker as possible workshop/Meetup/Safari instructors, 





Since the Agenda went out late, lets have a roundtable discussion from the board about any other new/old business concerns that they may have, 




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