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iDevice Setup (ipad and three iPods).


Moderator Duties.




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DPC Walkthru Instructions



3 Days before:  EyeJudge Operator - Yoosin

Receive all images

  1. Make sure the image titles are formatted correctly
    1. “CATAGORY_TITLE_Last name_First name”  (e.g.  A_MIGHTY_SLOW_SNAIL_Swanson_Robin)
    2. tip: using caps for titles helps Moderator read title and distinguish from Maker’s name. 


  1. Make a copy of the entire “AVPP Print Competition Template” folder.
    1. Change name of folder replacing “Template” with print comp date.
      1. Format of date should have underscore instead of slashes
    2. Change name of LightRoom Catalog to match folder name
  2. Copy all images into the “ALL IMAGES” folder.
    1. Enter all info on “SCORING” worksheet.
    2. Info should flow to “BY MAKER” worksheet automatically.
    3. Sort “SCORING” worksheet.
    4. Unprotect “BY MAKER” worksheet; then Sort “BY MAKER” worksheet
    5. Verify info is all correct and then “protect” both sheets.
    6. Email sheet to Scoring Assistant.
  4. Open “AVPP PRINT COMP LR” Lightroom Catalog.
  5. Import Images by clicking on “Add” and navigate to “ALL IMAGES” folder.
    1. Make sure that “Include Subfolders” is checked
    2. Make sure that all stars and colors are cleared from images.
      1. In Library Module>Grid mode, select all
        1. Hit 0 on keyboard to eliminate stars
        2. Right click>”Set Color Label”>None to eliminate color
    3. Total images from all the “Smart Collections” and make sure they add up to the total number of images (this assures that all images have been correctly sorted into the correct categories).
  6. Copy entire “AVPP Print competitions 2015” Folder to second computer.


OK….You should be ready to go.

Day of competition:




  • 2 computers with the same version of Lightroom and Excel installed.
    • Power cords for computers
  • Correct HDMI cables and adapters to connect:
    • 1 computer to 4K Display
    • 1 computer to Digital Projector
  • Dell 27” 4K Monitor
    • Power Cord
  • 4 or 5 i-Devices (all fully charged)
    • 1 iPad with EyeJudge Mini installed
    • 3 iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) with EyeJudge (free version) installed
      • (make sure all devices have the latest versions of EyeJudge App)
    • If possible … 1 extra iDevice that can be used as an “Alternate”
    • Chargers for iDevices
  • Digital Projector (right now we are using LCFCC projector)
  • Projector Screen (also using the Club’s screen)
  • Audio system (Microphones and Speaker)
  • Print Competition Notebook
    • Rules
    • “12 Elements of A Merit Print” signs
    • Print Competition Scoring Levels signs

DPC Instructions


Gear tips:

We are going to need three power strips along with three extension cords: 

  1. One for the projectionist laptop & projector.
  2. One for the 4K display judge area
  3. One for the moderator laptop and area.
  4. We should have 1 wired and 1 bluetooth mouse. Bluetooth mouse is to allow moderator to get closer to 4K Display while judges are choosing best in show images (Moderator needs to be able to remove images from screen as judges narrow down their choices).


We will need a powered hub to charge the 4 iDevices. 


We need to label the 4K laptop with connector labels and Lightroom keyboard hotkeys



4K DIsplay:


1)    Judges prefer the monitor to be set up high on its stand.

2)     We will need an HDMI connector as well as an adapter to go to the 4K laptop’s specific connector, i.e. thunderbolt. 


Setting up laptop displays on multiple monitors (projectors and 4K displays):


  1. On host 4K laptop, go to preferences and click on Displays. Two windows should pop up, one for each display. 
  2. Make sure that under resolution, it is clicked on “Default for Display”
  3. Next move on to arrangement (right next to Display)
  4. You should see two screens displayed in the window as stand-ins for your actual laptop display and 4K Dell display.
  5. By clicking on one of the screens, you should see a red highlight around the display that it represents for easy identification
  6. Arrange the displays as to create an intuitive way to represent where the 4K Dell screen is in relation to the 4K laptop. 


Setting up Lightoom at the day of the judging:


  1. Use an external HD or thumb drive to copy the entire Lightroom folder (including catalog and all images) from the 4K laptop to the protectionist laptop. 
  2. Make sure that the first image in the catalog by default is the DIC title card. Also provide a focusing chart in the Lightroom catalog.
  3. IMPORTANT:  Make sure that focus and the Lightroom catalog is setup BEFORE the judges arrive to avoid the artist names displaying on the screen. 
  4. Turn off the top and bottom “triangles” which toggles the displays, the menu and the artist name
  5. Shift N enables the Survey mode in Lightroom. 
  6. For the projectionist display, after you hit Shift-N to display the title card, on the main laptop screen, make sure you turn off the bottom row of images that can be displayed.



Setting up the iDevices and ad-Hoc WIFI network:


  1. Software:  iPad: iJudge Mini (must pay).  For the iPod touches the software is free. 
  2. To set up an ad-Hoc network start on the moderator’s computer.  Go to the wifi icon and select “create network”. Give the network a name that can be recognized easily by the IPOD Touches.  
  3. On the iPad and iPod touches, Make sure to select the wifi network you just created. 
  4. IMPORTANT: Use these setups on the iPad and iPod touches to ensure un-interrupted communication during judging:
  1. Enable DO NOT DISTURB and set it to ALWAYS
  2. Put devices on ‘airplane mode’ to disable the cellular and manually enable the wifi. 
  3. Go to general -> auto lock and set to NEVER so that it doesn’t ever fall asleep



Pairing the judges iPod touches to the iPad:


  1. Click (and hold) on J1 in  iPad (Judge 1) and you will get a number to pair the Ipod.  Judge 1 enters that number on his ipod   Repeat those steps for judges 2 and 3





WARNING:  Important = Moderator should make sure title bar is off in Lightroom


*Tip – the arrows should be pointing towards the image to indicate the title bar is off


Using a wireless mouse will assist the moderator in turning off the title bar on the 4k display

  1. Moderator does not want anything showing until he announces the image name (only) (Shift N)  

*Tip  New submission title should formatted in all CAPS and maker’s name in lower case.

  1. Projectionist waits for moderator to bring up first image – then hits Shift N 
  2. Judges – judge the image – entering their score on their iPod touches  - hit send

*Tip – I judge operator should remind judges to hit the “send” button if waiting for their score.

4)     I judge operator reads score

5)     Judges talk and comment on image

6)    Procedure for Recording Score

a)    Moderator and projectionist hit F2  - to bring up the “rename image” box

b)    Both change file naming preset to “RENAME ADD SCORE” 

        If preset is not there… create one as follows:

        Filename – Sequence # (01)

c)     Both moderator and projectionist enter score in start number box -  “ok”

d)    EyeJudge operator should not hit clear in case someone changes mind

7)    Moderator should always hit Shift N between each image.  Projectionist can keep current image displayed until next image name is announced by moderator. Projectionist hits the arrow key for the next image

8)    Procedure for Score challenge    

    a)    Judge challenges to bring score up

    b)    I judge operator hits clear and says “judges please rescore”

    c)    Moderator hits F2 and repeats above renaming procedure.  Score will be added to name of image

9)    Labeling images for meriting

  1. If score is under 78 gets 1 star
  2. If 78 or 79 gets 2 stars
  3. 80 or above (merits) gets 3 stars
  4. Projectionist mirrors moderator’s labeling process 

*Tip – If Moderator or projectionist forgets to label an image they can look at the title of the image and look at the score and label it accordingly.  Moderator or projectionist should hit Shift N first before relabeling image (or any other housekeeping)

*Tip = Moderator should announce the new category name 

10)     Ups and Downs (rescoring 78s and 79s to see if it merits)


  1. Moderator and projectionist go to the 78/79 category (under collections) 
  2. Moderator calls out image name only (category not necessary) for the judges to give thumbs up or down  Flat or thumbs up


*Tip Moderator makes sure that they see the judges hand gesture of flat or thumbs up since it should be invisible to the members


  1. Moderator has to take image down Shift N (Projectionist can just use the arrow key to move to the next image when announced)
  2. Moderator announces if stays the same or changes 
  3. If changes – change the name using the above renaming procedure and change the score (projectionist does the same)



11.    Best of show procedure: Display



  1. Moderator goes to merit category (3 stars) – 
  2. Hit Shift N to make sure no images on the screen
  3. Choose all “Command A”
  4. Hit Shift N to display all Best of Show candidates
  5. Using wireless mouse Moderator should be near judges to see which images are being eliminated  
  6. When eliminated hit X on lower right hand corner of image


*Tip – make sure not to show title bar


g)      Change the name and the color of winning images



12.    Best of show procedure: Renaming


    a)     Moderator should hit Shift N before renaming images to enable selection of specific images

    b)     Hit F2 to rename selected image

    c)     Change preset to “RENAME FOR WINNERS”

        “If preset is not there… create one as follows:

        Sequence # (01) - Filename

    d)     In “Start Number” box put 01 for winner (blue), 02 for 2nd place (red), and 03 for 3rd place (yellow)



13)    Breakdown of 4k monitor


  1. Press power button twice to turn off display (ask Robin)
  2. Quite EyeJudge apps and Make sure I devices are shut off (since they are set up to never go to sleep)
  3. Make sure that all are fully charged
  4. Lay 4k display facedown on the table
  5. Click on tab to remove stand
  6. Open cable door to have access to cable – remove HDMI and power cable
  7. Replace cable cover back on to back of 4k display
  8. Make sure cords are put back in 4k display box


Post DPC wrap up and Publish:


Evening of DPC:


  1. Close Lightroom with the enabled “Backup catalog” to the backup sub dir within the lightroom catalog for that DPC event. 


Day After DPC event:

  1. Back up DPC event folder to AVPP Dropbox. (this will be repeated when the DPC folder for that event is updated with the web ready images and event photographs)
  2. Save all winners (80 and above) and best of show winners (top three) to their respective directories in the DPC directories in their orig resolution.
  3. Save all winners (80 and above) and best of show winners (top three) resized to 1000 pixels longest size to the Facebook folder in the DPC dir. 
  4. Save all winners (80 and above) and best of show winners (top three) resized to 300pixels longest size to the Thumbnails folder in the DPC dir.


Creating the Comment PDF and HTML:


  1. Load The final score sheet with the comments
  2. Edit the rows an column so that the Master List tab is spaced to see the entire comment
  3. Once saved as text only version, Select all rows and columns and copy. Then paste onto Textedit.  From textedit save the page as an HTML page. 
  4. Back in Numbers, create a column called image, then drag each of the thumbnails saved into each the image cells. 
  5. save as Master List PIX



Document edited 9/18/2016

Arthur Argote, AVPP President.