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During the calendar year, AVPP features Four Digital Photo Competitions (DPC) with a select panel of 3 highly acclaimed professional photographers (and instructors), recognized in the photography industry. This past year AVPP made some major investments in revamping our DPC process. This includes a 4K monitor for the judges to evaluate your images, a dedicated laptop to house, display and archive our DPC galleries, reorganized website, and dedicated people to ensure the process goes smoothly.


What is the DPC?

Its a tool to help members develop their skill and art in the craft of Photography through a process of review and constructive critique of the Artist's work. 


How does it work?  

Well it starts with you, the photographer, wanting to allow yourself to grow in your skill and abilities by competing with your fellow photographers in the DPC.  Remember that competition is not always about winning, but in developing the drive to improve in the skills needed to produce a superior work.  That starts by understanding the 12 criteria used to judge an image as defined by the guideline by the Photographic Exhibitions Committee (PEC) of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) .  

Click here to review these 12 criteria.


OK, I think I have a few good images, what next?

​Well all good images are all about telling a story. That story starts with a title. The title plays such a role in the juding where if the judge decides the title doesn't match the image, it will affect your score. And then there is the category that you enter your images. Yes, there are categories to enter, 15 to be exact. Select the category that best describes and supports your image. 

Click here to review these category and other rules to compete in the DPC.


Well I read the instructions to the DPC, but Im a photoshop noob.  How do I put my image together to meet the specifications of the DPC?

We've uploaded a video that shows you step by step on how to load, assemble and save your image for print competition.  

Click here to watch the video on how to prep your image for the DPC.


I've submitted my images, how much is it to enter the DPC?

For members its $10 per image.  For non members its $15 per image. We also provide an optional dinner courtesy of the La Canada Country club Buffet dinner!  The price is $22 for members, $28 for non members. 

Click here for the payment page of our site.


Ok, I'm paid up, images submitted, what happens at the night of the Digital Photo Competition?

During the DPC, there selected judges sit at our calibrated 4K display, to ensure the best representation of your work.  At the same time, we project the image on a projector for the attending members an guests.  The moderator introduces each image while the judges enter their score into keypads. The Score reader announces the score to the room and the Score Recorder records the score onto a database. We go category by category, reviewing the image in the context of its category. After the judges score an image they offer critiques and reason for the score they gave. As stated in the rules, images originally scored a 78 or 79 are later challenged to see if they should be bumped up to a merited score of 80. 

Its important to note that during the competition, the maker of the image is not linked to the image presented. Your name is not presented during the judging phase, and only after if you have merited.  So the scores and critiques are for you to develop your photography and technique for the next competition. Its always helpful to listen to the judges discus why your image didn't merit. Even if you did merit (score of 80 or above), its also good to hear why you didn't score higher. 


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