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Welcome to AVPP's Out and About page, featuring our Museum Visits, Metro Safaris and More! 

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AVPP Safari
Aug 13th 10 am

SuihoEn Japanese Garden

6100 Woodley Ave.,
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Non-Members: $10
Members: $5


Welcome Members and Guest to AVPP's Weekend Safari.
Its an opportunity to socialize, discover new locations and, of course, take pictures! 

This Weekend we will be going to the SuihoEn Japanese Garden, located in Van Nuys next to a Water reclamation plant. Conceived by Donald C. Tillman, and designed by Dr. Koichi Kawana, its a successful example of using reclaimed water even in a delicate environment like a Japanese Garden.



As you can see the location is beautiful, with incredible scenery to accommodate different shooting styles. 

Here's a map of the location:



The Garden is about 6.5 acres of paths, pools and three Gardens.  


You should take note of The admin building since it has air-conditioning if you need a break from the Heat. It also has some video exhibits.

 The Gift Shop is where we will meet at 10am.

Parking should be good since we will be first. Water can be purchased at the Gift shop at $1 a bottle. 






1) RSVP at the meetup page so that we can have a headcount.


2) Cost: 

Non-AVPP Members $10 ($5 Park Admission, $5 Meetup Fee).

AVPP members $5 Park Admission Only.


3) NO TRIPODS OR NIGHTSTANDS OR MODELS, although Monopods are allowed. This is strolling style garden, so stay on all paths and do not step on any of the plants or landscaping.


4) Do not feed any of the animals. No food is allowed, just water.  

The Park has specific rules and booking for a more specific Shoot with lights and models.  We're not doing that on this visit since its an introduction to the park and it requires Much higher fees and scheduling. 


5) It will be HOT!. Over 90 deg. Please wear the appropriate clothing, i.e. hats, etc. 


For a Full list of rules, Click Here.

Please Bring CA$H for the museum's entry fee. This applies to AVPP Members as well as Non Members. 


Non AVPP Members, Please Pay Meetup fee Below



Please enter "Japanese Garden"






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